There seems to be some confusion regarding responsibilities for cluster mailbox replacement, so this communication is an effort to explain the process. While it is true that FCCSA is responsible for mailbox maintenance and replacement, the replacement process is still primarily dependent on the USPS. To replace a mailbox, FCCSA requests an invoice from the local USPS branch that services that location for the cluster boxes that need replacement. Once this invoice has been received, which can often take weeks, it is processed and the check is delivered to that branch. This can be done in person, or by mail. When done by mail, it can also add time to the overall process. Once the check is received, the new cluster mailboxes are ordered. It can take up to three weeks for the new cluster boxes to arrive at the Post Office. Once the new mailboxes do arrive, the local Post Office coordinates with their maintenance department to schedule the installation of the mailboxes and the swapping of the mail from the old cluster box to the new cluster box. The amount of lead time on this depends on the USPS maintenance department work load at the time and varies based on that. After the mailboxes are installed, any new keys or other changes are also handled by the local USPS branch that services that location. FCCSA is responsible for replacing the mailboxes, but this only includes requesting and paying for the replacement, and replacing the concrete pad the cluster mailboxes are mounted to, if necessary. If the concrete needs replacement, this involves coordinating with a contractor to do the concrete work and going through the process of acquiring permits from the local municipality. Both of these items can cause further delays in the process. The remainder of the work is still handled by the local USPS branch and done on their schedule. FCCSA has no influence to expedite this process and cannot provide any scheduling updates other than those provided by the USPS. The local USPS branches for FCCSA members are shown below based on zip codes.

77479 – 3130 GRANTS LAKE BLVD. SUGAR LAND, TX 77479
77478 – 225 MATLAGE WAY. SUGAR LAND, TX 77478
77459 – 3701 Glenn Lakes Ln, Missouri City, TX 77459

If you need further clarification on the process outlined above, please feel free to contact our office.