Community Standards Department

The Community Standards Department is responsible for assisting homeowners in understanding deed restrictions and their purpose and enforcement in an effort to maintain property values in your neighborhoods.  These restrictions exist to assure our members a high quality of life that is consistent in appearance and quality, while allowing as much individual expression as possible. FCCSA is a group of neighborhoods that exhibit an immense amount of pride in their community and respect for their neighbors.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding deed restrictions please e-mail the Community Standards Department at

If you have questions regarding property improvement requests, concerns or issues please e-mail the PIC Coordinator at or call (281) 634-9591.

Residential Guidelines & Property Improvement Forms

Residents purchasing a home in an Association-governed community like First Colony Community Services Association means that they have agreed to comply with Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions. These rules typically apply to architectural guidelines (such as additions, decks, paint colors, etc.), landscape, fences, and more. A Property Improvement application form must be submitted for approval prior to the commencement of any type of exterior change or construction on the property. All property improvement application submittals must follow the Property Improvement Procedures and Guidelines. In addition, there could be individual neighborhood requirements. These requirements can be found on the Governing Documents page under Governing Documents > Supplemental Amendments Per Neighborhood. Many times, we will ask for a survey site plan of your property to go along with the application form. An example can be found below. If you have any questions please call the office at (281) 634-9500 and we will direct your call to the person that can best answer your questions.

Residential Property Improvement Application

Policies & Procedures
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Certificate of Compliance & Forms

The Certificate of Compliance (COC) inspection is required by FCCSA prior to the sale of a home. This inspection focuses on issues of compliance within the deed restriction policies and modification approvals. The purpose of the inspection is to inform both the property seller and the purchaser of any outstanding violations. All members that are selling their home must submit a Certificate of Compliance request form (14 business days prior to the closing date).

After the Certificate of Compliance is requested, an inspector will visit the home and do a thorough inspection of the exterior of the property. There are three (3) different categories of results. They are as follows:

  • Certificate of Compliance- All items are in compliance with the deed restrictions of FCCSA and the sale of the home may be completed.
  • Certificate of Compliance with Provisions- The Certificate of Compliance will be issued when the noted violations are cured. The sale of the home may be completed, but the buyer must be informed of violations if not cured prior to the sale.
  • Certificate of Non-Compliance- The home is not in compliance with the deed restrictions of FCCSA and the sale cannot close until all the violations have been cured.

Forms are below and can be printed and faxed to our office at (281) 634-9515 or mailed/hand delivered to the office at 4350 Austin Parkway, Sugar Land, TX 77479.

For more information about Certificates of Compliance please call (281) 634-9500 or e-mail

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Neighborhood Inspections

First Colony Community Services Association (FCCSA) strives to provide quality service while encouraging residents to take pride in their home. Deed Restriction enforcement helps to maintain property values and to improve the overall appearance of the community. Regular inspections are done on an every other month basis, but may vary due to vacations, holiday schedules or weather. If you have any questions for your inspector, please call (281) 634-9500.

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Commercial Properties

New Construction or the Property Improvement Committee (PIC) helps preserve the architectural integrity of the community. All residential and commercial property owners must submit plans for construction and/or modifications.

Commercial Individual Property Guidelines

Bellmont Village at First Colony- Development Guidelines Lakes of Edgewater- Supplemental Amendment
Colony Meadows Commercial- Development Guidelines Lexington Corridor Commercial Cluster- Supplemental Declaration
Colony Meadows Section 3 & 4 Commercial- Supplemental Amendment and Declaration Magnolia Plantation Section 1- Supplemental Amendment
Colony Square Shopping Center- Clarifying Amendment to the Supplemental Amendment to Declaration Market at First Colony- Restrictive Covenants Supplemental Declaration
Colony Square Shopping Center- Developmental Guidelines Old Mill Retail Park- Supplemental Amendment and Declaration
Creekside at Town Center- Supplemental Amendment and Declaration Park Colony Multi-Family- Supplemental Amendment and Declaration
Edgewater Commercial- Development Guidelines Riverbend North- Annexation
Edgewater Lake Assessments- Supplemental Amendment Riverbend South- Site Improvement Guidelines
Edgewater Section Two- Supplemental Amendment and Declaration Riverwalk Commercial Court- Annexation and Supplemental Amendment to Declaration
First Colony Boulevard Commercial Park- Development Guidelines Riverwalk Commercial Court- Development Guidelines
First Colony Boulevard Religious Facility- Development Guidelines Soldiers Field- Signage Easement Agreement
First Colony Boulevard Religious Facility- Supplemental Amendment to Declaration Sugarland Business Park- Architectural Covenants and Design Guidelines
First Colony- Development Guidelines Sugarland Office Park- Supplemental Amendment to Supplemental Declaration
First Colony Commons- First Amendment to the Supplemental Amendment and Declaration Sugarland Office Park at Kensington- Clarifying Supplemental Amendment to Supplemental Declaration
First Colony Commons- Supplemental Amendment and Declaration Sugarland Office Park Soldiers Field- Development Guidelines
First Colony Multi-Family Old Mill Park Apartments- Supplemental Amendment and Declaration Sugar Land Office Park Soldiers Field- Supplemental Amendment of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
First Colony Residential- Development Guidelines Sugarland Offices at Kensington- Development Guidelines
Grants Lakes Section 2- Supplemental Amendment Sweetwater Village- Development Guidelines
Grants Lake Section 2 Governmental Facilities Area- Development Guidelines Sweetwater Village- Supplemental Amendment
Highway 6 North Commercial- Development Guidelines The Landing at Grants Lake- Supplemental Amendment
Highway 6 Professional Center- Development Guidelines The Market at Town Center- Annexation and Supplemental Amendment to Declaration
Lake Pointe Center- Development Guidelines The MArket at Town Center- Development Guidelines
LAke Pointe Section 2 & 3- Supplemental Amendment to Declaration The Market Place at Sugar Land- Development Guidelines
Lake Pointe Town Center Offices- Supplemental Amendment to Declaration Williams Trace Shopping Center- Commercial Development Guidelines
Lake Pointe Town Center Offices Phase 2- Supplemental Amendment to Declaration

Commercial Address Correspondence

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