FCCSA Neighborhoods

The following neighborhoods are part of the FCCSA (number of lots developed in parentheses): The ones marked with Missouri City are in the city of Missouri City. All others are in the City of Sugar Land.

First Colony Community Services Association (FCCSA) is the largest of several Homeowners Associations in First Colony.  When development first began in First Colony, the initial neighborhoods were developed as separate Homeowners Associations.  As development progressed, most of the remaining neighborhoods were included in FCCSA as well as the commercial/business units.

All property owners in FCCSA become members of First Colony Community Services Association (residential as well as non-residential) at the time they accept the deed to their property.  Condominium and townhome neighborhoods in First Colony not only belong to FCCSA but also have separate Associations to take care of the special needs of those communities.

The neighborhoods and non-residential areas listed below are in and around First Colony but they are not part of FCCSA. These residential areas have their own homeowners’ associations and facilities. The number of lots, where applicable, is shown in parentheses.

Avalon (800) Commonwealth (1133) Lions Head Apartments (Lexington Blvd.)
Chimneystone (564) Commercial businesses surrounding First Colony Mall (First Colony Property Owners Association – FCPOA) Rivercrest Apartments (Lexington Blvd.)
Colony Village and the Highlands (906) Fairmont Apartments Settlers Grove and Settlers Park (966)
Retail Centers throughout First Colony First Colony Mall Sugarwood (261)

Since there are many common maintenance issues for all the owners within First Colony, the Associations of First Colony, formerly known as First Colony Boulevard Maintenance Program (FCBMP), was developed. This organization is made up of FCCSA, FCPOA, Colony Grant Homeowners Association, Community Association of the Highlands, Settlers Park Homeowners Association, Sugarwood Homeowners Association and Chimneystone Homeowners Association.