2023 Annual Election
Voter Guide

Board of Directors Candidates

The following candidate statements include the candidate’s opinions, and any factual information contained in these statements has not been verified by FCCSA

J.R. Atkins
Number of Years in FCCSA: 10 years
Neighborhood: Lake Colony
Vocation: Supply Chain Management

Prior volunteer experience in FCCSA and/or other organizations:

  • Current FCCSA Board Member
  • Missouri City Parks Board – 8 years
  • Missouri City Planning & Zoning Adjustments – 8 years
  • FCCSA Neighborhood Representative

Motivation for seeking an FCCSA Board position:

As a former first responder who was raised in the First Colony area, I have a career background that took me from medical emergencies to the realm of high technology. Following my years of service, I traded my stethoscope and rescue gear for a career spanning 12 years in the high-tech sector, with stints at both Dell in Round Rock and HP in Houston. During this time, my wife Cori and I returned to Houston after the birth of our children, Claire, and Jack. As Claire approached Kindergarten age, we made the choice to settle in the First Colony area, driven by our desire to raise our kids in a diverse and nurturing environment—a decision profoundly reminiscent of my own impactful childhood experiences.

Shortly after purchasing our residence in Lake Colony, I decided to become actively involved in the community. I applied to be a neighborhood representative, motivated by a genuine desire to assist my fellow residents, and gain deeper insights into the workings of the Association. My commitment to community service shone through as I served as a neighborhood representative for five years, contributed to the First Colony Communication Committee for four years, participated in the CMP committee in 2012, and now concluding my first full term on the Board of Directors. To allocate more time for my family and the Association, I recently stepped down from positions on Missouri City’s Parks Board and the City of Missouri City’s Board of Adjustments and I remain dedicated to seeking reelection for another term on the FCCSA Board.

I seek to maintain the momentum of achievements that I believe the board and staff have collectively worked toward over the past 3 years. These accomplishments include revitalizing the landscape committee, installing shade structures over playgrounds, enhancing the aesthetics of major thoroughfares, cultivating a robust relationship with Missouri City comparable to that with Sugar Land, introducing the FCCSA app, and applying lessons learned from challenges such as winter storm Uri and the post-Covid hyperinflation. Drawing from over two decades of experience, I aim to continue providing valuable insights on negotiations, market trends, and bidding practices.

My enthusiasm for the prospect of another term on the First Colony Board is evident in my commitment to ensuring that First Colony remains a source of pride for all its residents. I envision the next significant step as updating the community guidelines to align more closely with current market trends, without sacrificing the cherished First Colony ambiance.

Kolbe Curtice
Number of Years in FCCSA: 35 years
Neighborhood: Colony Woods
Vocation: Commercial Real Estate Broker

Prior volunteer experience in FCCSA and/or other organizations:

  • Current FCCSA Board Member
  • First Colony Management District
  • Fort Bend Education Foundation
  • Fort Bend LID Director
  • FBISD Bond Oversight Committee
  • LID 19 Board Member
  • Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce
  • Parks Youth Ranch in Fort Bend

Motivation for seeking an FCCSA Board position:

I have both lived and worked in our community since the early years of its development. As a commercial real estate broker working almost exclusively in Sugar Land for over 30 years, I have been actively involved with a large number of office and retail developments in First Colony. As such, I am strongly invested in our community. I have also been actively involved with organizations in Fort Bend and Sugar Land, including the FCCSA.

I feel that one of the primary issues the FCCA board faces over upcoming years is updating and fairly enforcing our deed restrictions. First Colony is an aging community. Our real estate now competes with newer communities being developed on the western side of the county. We are beginning to see a significant increase in both the renovation and redevelopment of our residential inventory. To remain relevant and competitive, we need our development guidelines and restrictive covenants to align with what the market is demanding today to allow us to compete with those newer communities. At the same time, we need to maintain the standards that have made First Colony such a desirable community. We must continue to be diligent, yet fair, in upholding our deed restrictions.

My motivation to serve another term on the board stems from the fact that as I am approaching the end of my career, I now have more time to dedicate to organizations and activities that are of interest to me. I feel I could bring valuable experience to the board, and I respectfully ask for your vote.

Chacko Mathew
Number of Years in FCCSA: 3 years
Neighborhood: Lakes of Edgewater
Vocation: Retired Senior Director/Engineer

Prior volunteer experience in FCCSA and/or other organizations:

  • Long Island Mar Thoma Church
  • Diocesan Treasurer Diocese of North America and Europe of the Mar Thoma Church
  • Board Member Church World Services
  • Board Member National Christian Council of Churches
  • Director/Board of Trustee United Industries Unlimited, LLC

Motivation for seeking an FCCSA Board position:

  • Retired public servant of 30 years
  • Like to be involved in community/neighborhood activities
  • Get members involved, regular communication through newsletters needed
  • Budget and actual expenses need to be reviewed to eliminate unnecessary and no participation activities
  • Possible reduction of HOA Dues
  • Provide HOA private security services for the neighborhood
  • Increase voter registration and participation in local, county, state and federal elections
  • Organize seminars
  • Start a charity wing for the HOA
  • Encourage and assist the residents
  • At least one HOA meeting every quarter
  • Organize seminars and workshops for the benefit of the people
  • Provide volunteer opportunities
  • New member orientation with the bylaws and other protocols
  • Emerge as the best HOA in Houston
  • HOA officers to attend all the public events

Shivam Patel
Number of Years in FCCSA: 2 years
Neighborhood: Towns of Grants Lake
Vocation: Data Scientist

Motivation for seeking an FCCSA Board position:

My motivation for seeking a FCCSA Board member position stems from a deep-seated belief in the power of decision-making and leadership to create positive change within our communities. As a Data Scientist, I’ve witnessed how firsthand strategic insights can transform policies and improve the lives of countless individuals and families.

Furthermore, my passion for sports and fitness has instilled in me a strong sense of teamwork and community spirit. I view this board position as an opportunity to apply these qualities to a different arena, where I can actively contribute to shaping housing initiatives that enhance the quality of life for residents.

In my ongoing pursuit of a Ph.D. in Leadership, I am acquiring valuable knowledge and skills that I believe can be leveraged to foster collaboration, inclusivity, and effective decision-making within the FCCSA board. My diverse background and dedication to continuous learning make me well-prepared to serve as a proactive and thoughtful advocate for our community’s needs.

Susan Ridley
Number of Years in FCCSA: 32 years
Neighborhood: Woodstream
Vocation: Retired

Prior volunteer experience in FCCSA and/or other organizations:

  • Texas School for the Deaf – Austin, TX
  • STGS – Girl Scout Assistant Troop Leader
  • Institute of Internal Auditors Houston Chapter
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Self Help for Hard of Hearing – Newsletter editor

Motivation for seeking an FCCSA Board position:

I am running for the Board of FCCSA in hopes of adding more transparency and openness to the residents, among other things. I have lived in Woodstream for over 32 year with my husband, and our two children attended FBISD schools. I retired from the federal government in July 2022 and became interested in seeing how the FCCSA Board was being run. I believe some changes need to be made.
I am for the following:

  • Stopping frivolous violation letters;
  • Focusing on issues that affect property values;
  • Empowering residents to be heard;
  • Improving transparency with homeowners; and
  • Reducing excessive spending on legal fees.

If I am elected, I also hope to increase the involvement of the community with the Board meetings. I respectfully ask for your vote and a vote for Debbie Wallis. The ballots should be going in late October, so please look for the ballots and VOTE!

Debbie Wallis
Number of Years in FCCSA: 37 years
Neighborhood: Sweetbriar
Vocation: Retired

Prior volunteer experience in FCCSA and/or other organizations:

  • FCCSA Board of Directors
  • Neighborhood Representative to the FCCSA
  • FCCSA Communications Committee
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Vacation Bible School Teacher
  • Clements High School – Stars Dance Team Mom
  • Clements High School – Project Graduation
  • Optimist Club
  • Southminster Presbyterian Church Board of Deacons

Motivation for seeking an FCCSA Board position:

First Colony is a well-established community of aging homes, failing landscape and well-worn recreational facilities. This brings new challenges to the POA. Since my retirement, neighbors who are aware of my extensive experience with the FCCSA have made disparaging comments to me regarding their interactions with the FCCSA management team and the Board of Directors. The comments range from frivolous violation letters to slow, or no response from the FCCSA staff and Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are viewed as dictatorial and insensitive to the residents’ concerns. Beginning early this year, I have participated on the newly formed Communications Committee. A survey went out recently that the committee hopes will identify areas that need improvement within the FCCSA management team and the Board of Directors. Susan Ridley and I ask for your vote to allow us the opportunity to be a part of the improvement process. We will seek to accomplish the following:

  • Stop frivolous violation letters
  • Focus on issues that affect property values
  • Empowering residents to be heard
  • Improving transparency with homeowners
  • Reduce excessive legal fee

FCCSA Election Procedures

You will receive a ballot in the mail to vote for the Board of Directors and Neighborhood Representative Elections. The entire voting tabulation will be done by an election services company, Election Trust. As a member you will have the opportunity to vote for two (2) of the Board candidates on the ballot. Directors serve a three-year term.

You will also see a place on the ballot to vote for your Neighborhood Representative. Each separate neighborhood may have up to three (3) elected Neighborhood Representatives. They are elected annually to serve on the Neighborhood Representative Committee, by the property owners in their neighborhoods and serve a one-year term.

Residential & Commercial members have two options:

1). Fill out your ballot by hand and mail it to Election Trust in the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope or
2). Fill out your ballot via computer, smartphone or tablet following the instructions enclosed with your ballot.

Please note the appropriate deadline: all ballots, whether mailed or on-line, must be received by Election Trust (in Washington State) by 5:00 pm on November 22, 2023. Paper ballots should be in the mail no later than November 17, 2023 to ensure the ballot is received in time.

Election Trust will tabulate the ballots and the results will be announced on Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at the FCCSA Annual Meeting.

Election Trust has a Voter Help Desk (9 am – 7 pm Central Time). Please reach out to them if you need assistance with voting or if you did not receive your FCCSA election ballot in the mail. You can reach them via email at help@electiontrust.com.

This process is very important to the Association and homeowners alike. Neighborhood Representatives are a vital communication link between FCCSA and their neighborhoods. The Board of Directors represents the members and makes decisions for the betterment of the community.

Board of Directors Application

The First Colony Community Services Association (FCCSA) Board of Directors governs the affairs of the Association and operates under FCCSA Governance Policies. The Board of Directors is a group of seven (7) members, with two (2) positions up for election this year. The term is three (3) years, beginning January 1, 2024. The Board, in conjunction with staff, is responsible for participating in long range planning and developing goals for the Association. Some other primary duties include:

  • Determining an annual assessment
  • Preparing and adopting the budget
  • Development of Association Policy

FCCSA recognizes that volunteering time for a Board position is a major decision. This is another excellent opportunity to become involved with the community and share in the decision making processes of First Colony. The deadline for applications to be received is September 22, 2023 by 5 pm.

Neighborhood Representative Committee Application

Interested in getting to know your neighbors or community a little better? Then we have a job for you!

Volunteer to be your neighborhood’s representative. Neighborhood Representatives are a vital communication link between First Colony Community Services Association (FCCSA) and their neighborhoods. Representatives help create a sense of community. They are elected annually by the property owners in their neighborhoods and serve a one-year term. Each separate neighborhood may have up to three elected representatives. Representatives should attend neighborhood representative meetings (usually four per year) hosted by FCCSA. They share information from these meetings with their neighbors. A Representative can also:

  • Plan and organize special neighborhood events (i.e. ice cream socials, National Night Out, informational meetings).
  • Participate in the Welcome Wagon Program for new residents and welcome them to the neighborhood.
  • Oversee the use of neighborhood voluntary contributions.

The deadline for submitting the application is September 15, 2023. The individuals elected by their neighborhoods will begin serving their terms on January 1, 2024.

Plantation Settlement of First Colony (PSFC) Board of Directors

The Plantation Settlement Board of Directors governs the affairs of Plantation Settlement and operates under the principles of Policy Governance.

Plantation Settlement is a community of 138 homes originally developed by Beazer Homes. These homes are within Plantation Settlement at First Colony Association, Inc. (PSFC) and owners are members of that association. Homes in Plantation Settlement are considered part of “First Colony” through a management agreement between FCCSA and PSFC, but the homes are not technically a part of First Colony Community Association. This is the only neighborhood within PSFC.

Interested in becoming a Board candidate for Plantation Settlement? Direction is from a five member Board, three of whom are FCCSA Directors, and two are Plantation Settlement residents. A term is two years. The Requirement is that you must be a member of PSFC.

Members interested in becoming a PSFC Board candidate can click the link below for an application.