FCCSA Members,

There are various trees around FCCSA that have been identified as hazardous trees in the following locations throughout First Colony:

  • 1 decaying Hackberry, Alcorn Hill Dr at Woodstream Blvd (Woodstream)
  • 1 dead Cypress, Alcorn Hill Dr at Alcorn Bayou Dr (Oaks of Alcorn)
  • 1 dead Live Oak, Ellicott Way near Cypress Ridge Ln (Sweetwater sec 8)
  • 4 decaying Hackberry, Palm Springs Ln at pond; Bald Cypress and Willow selected for tree replacement plan (Sweetwater sec 10)
  • 5 decaying Hackberry, The Oval St at pond (Sweetwater sec 2)
  • 1 decaying Hackberry, greenbelt near Snead Ct (Colony Creek, Cypress Glen)
  • 1 decaying Red Oak, Mill Creek Dr at Mill Creek Cir (Old Mill Park)
  • 1 dead Live Oak, Dulles Ave near Plantation Creek Dr (Plantation Creek)
  • 1 dead Live Oak, Austin Pkwy near Stephens Grant Dr (Colony Cove, Stephens Grant)
  • 2 invasive Chinese Tallow, Travis Park Dr at Epping Forest Way (Travis Park)
  • 2 dead Savannah Holly, Autumn Lakes at Austin Pkwy; 1 Vitex selected for tree replacement plan (Lake Colony)

The trees listed below have also been identified as needing to be removed. These will be removed after 30 days for the reasons listed below:

  • 3 Savannah Holly in order to match other side of neighborhood entrance, Autumn Lakes at Austin Pkwy; 1 Vitex selected for tree replacement plan (Lake Colony)
  • 6 Canary Island Date Palms selected for removal by neighborhood request due to several adjacent palms being lost to freeze; landscape modifications planned for this area, St. Andrews Ln (Sweetwater section 1)
  • 3 Bald Cypress selected for removal due to homeowner request, Rolling Brook near Lexington

All trees are marked with an orange X. If you have any questions regarding the removal of these trees, please reach out to Mike Wingard at mwingard@firstcolony.org.

Thank you,