As you may have noticed, the City of Sugar Land is performing tree inspections and marking trees in violation of the city’s tree ordinance for clearance over the streets and sidewalks.  That ordinance can be found at by following this hyperlink in Sec. 5-434. – Trees and objects in the visibility triangle or right-of-way:  FCCSA has a residential street tree trimming program in place to trim these trees to meet these requirements.  However, some of the trees being marked currently have relatively large limbs that will need to be removed.  In these instances, FCCSA will come in behind the city’s inspectors and only remove limbs identified by the city as violating the ordinance.  This can impact the shape and overall look of the tree, but is necessary to maintain compliance with the city ordinance.  As always, FCCSA members have the ability to opt out of this program and do any required tree trimming themselves.  If you would like to do so, you can find the opt out form here:  Tree trimming and removal of these larger branches identified by the City of Sugar Land will resume Tuesday, February 7th.

For any further questions, please contact David Pella at