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    Commercial Property Improvement Application

    All exterior improvements to your property must be approved in advance by the Association. Your request will be reviewed to make sure that the improvement will be done in a professional, sound manner and will fit in with the aesthetics of the community. It is important to provide as much detail as possible so that your request can be quickly processed. After you have completed this form, please return it to the FCCSA office at 4350 Austin Parkway.

    Current Tenant/Owner Information

    Owner/Management Company Mailing/Contact Information

    Previous Tenant/Owner Information

    Fee: $100 Per Sign

    Please refer to written guidelines at for the specific information needed, otherwise include the following:

    • (2) Copies of the original survey site plan showing the desired placement of the improvement.

    • (2) Specifications (architectural drawing, pictures, dimensions, brochures, etc.)

    • (2) Materials to be used (window tint, fabric, paint chips, etc.)

    By typing your full name below you agree that, the Owner/Property Manager acknowledges that they do not have approval to commence the Property Improvement until an Approval letter is received, otherwise the Owner/Property Manager will be in violation of the Deed Restrictions and may be subject to fines.

    Please submit files in .pdf, .doc, or .jpg format, less than 10MB.