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As the fall season comes and goes, millions of pumpkins will find their way to the trash — adding more than 1.3 billion pounds waste to landfills across the nation. Did you know that out of all the food waste that is discarded in landfills, pumpkins are the ones that release the most methane gas while sitting in landfills? This is extremely harmful to our environment. Pumpkin composting and recycling can save the landfills from the soggy, rotten remains. Pumpkins that have been carved make great compost, and those that have not been cut open can be used as feed for animals.

FCCSA has partnered with Curb to Compost to collect your leftover pumpkins during the entire month of November. These pumpkins will be collected and delivered to a composting collection site where the waste will serve a positive environmental and energy impact. Remember to remove any candles, wax, aluminum foil, paints, or other items from the pumpkins for the pumpkins to be considered compostable. The drop off bin will be located at the side door of the FCCSA office building that faces the parking lot for the Aquatic Center.


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