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NEW Learning STEM with Hot Wheels! 

Endless tracks and obstacle courses await every Hot Wheel’s car lover as they discover the world of math and physical science. What goes up must come down…or does it?  Momentum, push, pull, force, and friction are just some of the STEM concepts they will understand.  Measuring length and weight in centimeters, inches, feet, and ounces will help in the identification of the fastest, most efficient car on the block. Mega Loop Mayhem, Shark Cliff Hanger, Wolf Mountain, and hundreds of cars are just some of the play equipment that will have you yearning to come each day! Your child will not only have a solid background in science and math concepts, but will have also rolled away in good times with Hot Wheels!

Days:                            Monday – Friday
Location:                     FCCSA Aquatic Center Classroom
Session:                       July 6-10
Time:                           9:00 am – 11:00 am
Ages:                            4-8
Instructor:                  Fastforward Kids
Fee:                              $95

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