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NEW Jumpstart Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Offers fast passed, fun filled activities directly related to the act of reading. Provides successes designed to develop self esteem confidence and motivation to move forward in the reading experience. The literature of “Story Time” enhances auditory and comprehension skills. The emergent literacy books of “Interactive Reading Time” address visual discrimination through the introduction of small, controlled vocabulary. “Games Time” provides kinesthetic activity while enhancing visual and auditory skills as related to sound/symbol association, as well as the daily construction of manipulative take-home games.  Participant happiness built on daily measurable success is a priority. Read about The Farm! The Circus! The Zoo! The Jungle!

Days:                            Monday – Friday
Location:                     FCCSA Aquatic Center Classroom
Session:                       July 6-10
Time:                           11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Ages:                            4-7
Instructor:                  Fastforward Kids
Fee:                              $95