Communications Committee Survey for FCCSA Members

Dear Fellow FCCSA Members,
My name is Frank Barboza, the Chair of this year’s Communications Advisory Committee. This committee is composed of five volunteer members (Debbie Wallis, Greg Oelfke, Jenny Hsu, Leah Pouncy, and myself) who are passionate about improving the way FCCSA communicates with its members.

We began work in March and have been meeting regularly in order to begin building the framework of a Master Communication Plan. It is the Committee’s goal of presenting a finalized plan to the Board of Directors in November for their review and consideration.

The Communications Advisory Committee wants to know how we can help you solve some of your most pressing communication challenges with the Association, so we’ve created a Communications Satisfaction Survey. We value the input from our fellow members, so it is our hope that each of you will take the survey in order to help us identify the challenges some of you are facing when communicating or when receiving communications from FCCSA.

With your feedback, over the coming months the Committee will continue working to develop a plan that empowers you with confidence knowing that when you interact with FCCSA, you feel valued, respected and satisfied with the experience.

We know it’s a big ask for you to spend 10 minutes on a survey, but it’s really important. Your time is valuable, so anyone who completes all survey questions will automatically be entered into a drawing for a $20 USD gift card (equivalent)*. There will be 10 chances to win.

Thank you for helping us serve you!