Thanks to everyone that entered the pumpkin decorating contest. They were all so great! The judges had a very hard time deciding on just 3 winners in each category. Here are the winners. Congratulations!

Age 0 – 5 Years:
1st Place: Pink Witch and baby Witch Pumpkins: Avery Lasich – Age 3

2nd Place: Frankenstein Pumpkin: Cody Kilpatrick – Age 5

3rd Place: Unicorn Pumpkin: Aaminah Balagam – Age 5

Honorable Mention: Sick Pumpkin – Ellis Miller – Age 4 (not pictured)


Age 6 – 12 Years:
1st Place: Pete The Cat Pumpkin: Alexander Ray – Age 11

2nd Place: Rey Skywalker Pumpkin: Madelynn Gaskey – Age 10

3rd Place: Gnome Pumpkin: Jordan Sauceda – Age 10

Honorable Mention: Horton the Elephant Pumpkin: Sophia Rivera – Age 8 (not pictured)
Honorable Mention: Green Spider with Hat Pumpkin: Chase Moody – Age 6 (not pictured)


Age 13 and Up:
1st Place: Pirate Ship Pumpkin: Amber Williams – Age 30

2nd Place: Day of the Dead Pumpkin: Maria Kasemervisz– Age 13

3rd Place: Micky Mouse in Mask Pumpkin: Alexander Castillo – Age 43




The pictures will be in the December newsletter so please watch for that issue in your mailbox to enjoy all the wonderful creations!