You should have received or will shortly be receiving your ballot in the mail for the annual election for the Board of Directors and Neighborhood Representatives. There are three Board of Director positions available for the term beginning in January 2020. Directors serve a three- year term.

This year’s slate of Board of Director candidates includes current Board members Andrea Lewman, Phyllis Murray & Noel Mascarenhas. Other candidate is Naushad Velani. Information on the Board of Director candidates is included in the enclosed Voter’s Guide. For more information on the candidates visit the website at under Services/Elections.

Each separate neighborhood may have up to three elected Neighborhood Representatives. They are elected annually by the property owners in their neighborhoods and serve a one-year term. Please do not write-in a name for a Neighborhood Representative on the ballot unless you know this person does want to serve.

The entire voting tabulation will be done by an election services company, Election Trust. As a member you will have the opportunity to vote for three of the five Board candidates on the ballot.

This process is very important to the Association and homeowners alike. Neighborhood Representatives are a vital communication link between FCCSA and their neighborhoods. The Board of Directors represents the members and makes decisions for the betterment of the community.