The Mobility Master Plan Project website and survey are now live!

Mobility Master Plan Project Website

Mobility Survey (open to December 9)

Your participation in this survey is wanted and needed because the Mobility Master Plan will affect you. The information gathered from this survey will help shape the Plan so let your voice be heard. This survey could take about 25 minutes because it is designed to capture a lot of information and everybody involved wants to get this right. Please give it the attention it deserves, and if it begins to feel long, it’s OK to take a break, you can come back to it later, just make sure to do so on the same device.

After you’ve taken the survey, please share it with others so their voices can also be heard. If you think the survey missed a critical element that should be considered, please let me know and I’ll be sure to pass that on, or you may reach out to Monique Johnson, AICP, Sugar Land’s Transportation & Mobility Innovation Manager. Monique can be reached at (281) 275-2780, or emailed at